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Baseball-T ball

March 31st, 2008 Comments off

images-2Mikey is doing so great.  I really enjoy the RRYB league.  I think that next year it will be more competitive but this time around is just plain fun.

I love to see Mikey in his uniform and have a good time.  He behaves so well when he knows that playing baseball is at stake.  images-2

Sometimes he looks like a professional ball player.  I love to see him taking the stand at home plate and the look on his face when he is waiting for that ball.

When he finds a dirty old ball, he says it’s Babe Ruth’s ball.  I think that is just so cute that he thinks he is going to find a ball on the dirt used by Babe.  He is totally so into baseball that this time around I am incorporating baseball into his bedroom theme.

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Final Walk Thru

March 31st, 2008 Comments off

images-2 The final walk thru went very well.  I honestly was not expecting it to go that well.  Everything has been done to our satisfaction and things are looking very very good.

I guess now Mark, my foreman will just hire a company to do the spot cleaning before we move and his job is done.

I have been very happy with the way things have progressed.  I can not complaint. 

Now the race is on to start packing.  I have to admit that with three little ones four and under this is not very easy.  Having them sick all this time with the flu on and off is not made things easier for me.

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Closing Date

March 26th, 2008 Comments off

images The Closing Date has been moved to the first week in April.  I guess I should be happy since I have not packed anything yet.  This gives me one more week to procrastinate.

I know it sounds bad but I think it may be related to stress.  But at least I now know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We have a closing date and it’s not too far off!  I never would of thought the construction company would be waiting on us and not the other way around.

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Genesis and School

March 21st, 2008 Comments off

photo-3 Genesis is doing very well in school.  I am very happy.  She is talking, saying more and more words every day.  I think that having her around other kids makes her be at the level they are.

For Easter, she had a really good time.  The kids partied all day long.  Doing different activities and I know she enjoyed that.  She loves to color and to paint and any type of craft that you have her do.  She always tries her best.  She is starting to cut with scissors and that makes her very happy.

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I am so proud of her.

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Loan Company

March 19th, 2008 Comments off

We are having problems with the Loan Company.  I guess about 15 days ago our loan officer was told it would take 10-14 working days to finish the paperwork but 15 days later they have not even looked at our paperwork.

My husband told the loan officer to submit to a different Bank.  Today is the 19th and we are suppose to close on the 26th.  The is exactly one week away.  I don’t think it’s going to happen that day.

This is the portion of buying a house that I don’t like.  I wish that Banks would make this process a lot less difficult for home buyers.

So new Loan Company it is!

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A Reality Check to the Severity of the Housing Market Crash

March 18th, 2008 Comments off

WOW, that is all I can say - WOW.

Literally on the eve of getting ready to close on the new house that we are building here in Texas I get a reminder of what others are facing around the country.

I took a break this afternoon and started poking around to see if we were indeed getting a good price for our new house compared to other previously owned houses around our area. The good news is that we are getting a great deal and that makes me happy :-) .

At the end of poking around my current neighborhood (my new house is in the same neighborhood) I decided to look at the neighborhood that I lived in California when I lived there. The neighborhood was Horsethief Canyon in Corona, California which is in Riverside County. It is actually in an unincorporated region of Riverside County but still has a Corona address. It is actually the last neighborhood before you get to the city of Lake Elsinore.

Anyway, in 2001 I bought a 1450sqft 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house that at the time was 10 years old (the same model/neighborhood as the one to the right). I bought it for $180K at the time. 2 years later I sold the house for $252K as the market was beginning to take off.

As time went on I would check to see how much similar houses were going for and would kick myself for selling so soon each time I saw the price go up. About a year ago that same model of house in the same neighborhood was going for $439k. I could not believe it. I mean that was over double what I had paid for it a little over 5 years before.

Well today instead of kicking myself I stood in amazement.

The same house today is going for $249K. In the last a year the value of that house has dropped almost $200K. Unbelievable. I can only imagine the person who bought the house a year ago for that much money and what they may be facing today. That same type of house is now selling for less then what I sold it for 5 years ago. Crazy.

To make matters worse there are at least 3 of the same exact houses for sale. The one that I have a picture of here is empty. I can only imagine why.

I really feel for everyone that is at the front of this ship as it sinks. I know how you feel, it happened to me 3 weeks after I bought that house in 2001. I got laid off from my job due to the tech bubble bursting.

Hang in there, things will get better eventually…

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Optimal Health – Week 2

March 18th, 2008 Comments off

images Week 2- Stamp Out Stress

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Emotional Stress- the hallmark of today’s society- is linked with a myriad of ailments, including vertebral subluxation, heart disease, stroke, cancer, infertility, headaches, depression and insomnia.

This week, start stamping out stress by re-evaluating your daily schedule.  Get creative.  Free up some time by organizing a school carpool with similarly harried parents.  Consider swapping babysitting time with a neighbor or hiring a local teenager to take over some household chores.

Next, make a list of three obligations you can cancel or delegate to others this week.  For many, learning to turn down requests is difficult.  Here are a few tips to help you say "NO".

-Wait 24 hours before responding to a substantial request for your time

-Repeat to yourself over and over again, "It’s ok to say ‘no’ to stress-inducing commitments that will interfere with my well-being".

-Refuse to give in when pushy persuaders become crusaders for your time

-Create a "saying no script" you are comfortable with.  Explain that you are focusing on boosting your level of health, and that means carving out additional time for yourself to prevent stress.

-Use the "broken record" technique with those who pester you repeatedly.  This means responding to each attempt to change your mind with an identical script.

images-2 After you’ve carved out more time in your routine, investigate stress-reduction techniques, and choose one to practice for at least 15 minutes, three time per week.  Techniques to consider include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, t’ai chi, biofeedback, writing in a journal/blog or engaging in a hobby or craft you enjoy.

If you need help choosing a stress-reduction technique, ask your chiropractor for advice.  Doctors of chiropractic can help you choose the right technique for your lifestyle and provide referrals for related courses in the community.  The Moms Network ( and the At Home Dad Network ( provide winning time-management suggestions for stay-at-home parents.  For more information on the saying "no" effectively, check out Conversationally Speaking by Alan Garner (Lowell House) or How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty by Patti Breitman (Doubleday).

Challenge for this week- reconsider your schedule and adopt a stress-reduction regime.

Good Luck!

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The First Walk Thru

March 17th, 2008 Comments off

Today was the first walk thru.  It was all right.  There were several things on the list for the construction company to fix.  I think it is nice that there is a third party that does the walk thru with the buyers.

The person walking the house with us was very nice.  He is also from Cali.  He was very knowledgeable and very nice.  Things are coming together.

I hope the loan is ready on time.

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Optimal Health

March 11th, 2008 Comments off

Week 1-  Start With The Spine

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Doctors of chiropractic believe that the spine is the foundation of health.  Unfortunately, even many so-called "holistic" health strategists often overlook this vital key to wellness.  That is why it is so important to start with a chiropractic checkup.

imagesChiropractic care focuses on detecting and correcting dysfunctional regions in the spine called vertebral subluxations- a condition that occurs when motion is restricted or spinal bones (vertebrae) are out of alignment.  Vertebral subluxations are associated with a myriad of health issues, such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, ear infections, and carpal tunnel syndrome among other things.  Chiropractors eliminate vertebral subluxations with adjustments (gentle maneuvers to the spine).  Scientific studies show that chiropractic adjustments effectively correct and prevent vertebral subluxations and the conditions associated with them.

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DR Horton Foreman

March 6th, 2008 Comments off

Our DR Horton Foreman, Mark is awesome. My husband and I are getting the royal treatment.  Anything we ask for or bring up to his attention he gets done and things that we don’t but wish was done like little extra stuff all of the sudden appear.  There was an extra slab of cement he had pour down on the back porch to make it tough from one end of the house to the other which we did not pay for and got it.

He sees things we don’t even caught ourselves.  He goes the extra mile to make us feel very special.  My husband and I are thinking of ways to thank him after all is set and done.

One of the reasons I think he gives us extra attention is because at the moment we are the only to be built in the neighborhood all the other houses are speck homes.  This is just my guess.

I hope things keep up the same way till the end. I am spoiled.

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Kids in MDO dilemma

March 5th, 2008 Comments off

images I have a dilemma about my kids being in the MDO.  They are learning a lot and my husband and I are very happy but at the same time they are learning not so good things.  I hate saying this but my little girl is hitting and giving family members an attitude.

They have learned a lot, good and bad.  My dilemma is: IS THIS WORTH IT?  I like the fact they interact with other kids their age but at the same time I don’t want them learning those bad habits.

At the end when everything is said and done I guess if they go to school now or later they will be faced with those things.  I think I rather work through it now that I have more time to teach them what is acceptable then when they are mostly all day in school instead of 5 hours 2 days a week like they are now. This gives me more time with them then when they go to Kinder.

I just pray and hope that they will understand and be able to make a wise choice to act the way I expect them to act at school and at home, now and when they are older.

Rock Chiropractic

March 3rd, 2008 Comments off

images Some time ago, the whole family started chiropractic care.  Rock Chiropractic is a local office here in Round Rock just before the IH 35 on the East side of the freeway.  Dr. Rock aka Paul McCartney is the very best in the field.  In my opinion he was born to do this.  He is so passionate about what he does that makes anybody and everybody a loyal customer.

His priority, truly is to help people.  He is such a sweet man.  I really like the staff and just the way they do things.

Dr. Rock is very big on Teaching and I have learned a lot from him.  Since I started coming to see him I have not used pain medication or any thing other meds for that matter.  I have a better understanding of how the body works and that it was created and equipped to heal itself.

He is by far the best!

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Saturday T-Ball Game

March 3rd, 2008 Comments off

2303108924_9c6de7c642_o Saturdays T-Ball Game was great.  The kids did so good.  I was very impressed and I think the rest of the parents were as well.  My son looked like a pro even though he is only 4.  I think the Round Rock Youth Baseball does a great job in getting the seasons together and selecting excellent volunteers like my husband to teach the kids the basics.

My husband is enjoying himself with the teaching of the game.  He is really good at it and the parents express much appreciation.  He is even thinking of volunteering next season.

All the members of the 4U White Sox did great.  Even the timid ones and the younger of the players were at bat and did great.  I am so happy for all the kids and their parents.

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Dinning Room Set

March 3rd, 2008 Comments off

The beautiful dinning room set is not going to work out for us.  As much as I liked the table and I did like it a lot, it is just too high for my three little ones to be safe on.  Instead I have found a rectangular shaped table with a bench and 4 chairs that will work just as well. The standard height of the new table is more practical for the needs of my family at this time.

I guess it’s better that I figured this out first then months into moving into the house and spending so much on a table that I was not totally happy with.

After all, this is my dream house and I see myself living in it for a long time.  There is plenty of time to get it looking the way I want it to look.  I just need to wait for my 3 munchkins to grow a little just enough not to break things and such.

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