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4th Of July

July 29th, 2008 Comments off

The family celebrated Independance Day in our new home. We watched the parks fireworks from the second story deck and loved it.

My parents, my sisters step-son and the five of us all sitting on the deck for the show. It was very nice. My son used the potty once while waiting and I have to say it beats being at the park in the cold and sitting on grass or worse on concrete.

I love my second story deck.





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Finally Settled In

July 29th, 2008 Comments off

We are mostly settled in. The move was a killer. Moving with three little ones is not an easy thing to do. It took several days for the move. Packing and driving stuff over in between naps took coordination but it got done.

I am happy for the most part even though the painting is not complete yet.

The kids are back to their normal loud self and I feel right at home. Three months later and there are no boxes which I feel it’s a big accomplishment.

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iPhone 3G Reception in the Austin & Round Rock Areas

July 25th, 2008 Comments off

I thought I would post really quick about the 3G reception that I am getting with my iPhone 3G in the Austin & Round Rock areas here in Texas. Obviously I have only had the phone for about a week so I have been limited as to my use around both of these cities so please don’t take this as a comprehensive review. .

At the time of writing this I am at the Starbucks in Round Rock at HWY 79 and Red Bud which is near Old Settlers Park. 3G here is a single bar but if I go outside I get full bars (the cell site is down the street). I work near the Arboretum (Braker and 183) and I get 3-4 bars inside of our office building. Traveling between these two locations on Mopac and I35 has the reception vary from 1-2 bars to full bars. I have not seen any dead spots that cause my phone to revert to Edge.

In mentioning I35 I wanted to note that while driving through San Antonio and up to Austin on I35 I had 3G coverage all the way. I listened to Pandora uninterupted the entire time (which was awesome). I have not been down to south Austin so I cannot atest to how coverage is “down there” ;-) .

In comparison coverage is much better in the Austin area then it was in the Milbrae/San Mateo area in California. I was really surprised at the fact that I rarely had full bars and that my phone would switch to Edge regularly.

I hope my little rundown of coverage is helpful to anyone that is considering a 3G iPhone in the Austin area.

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WordPress iPhone Blogging App – 5 Posts and a Day Later

July 24th, 2008 Comments off

I know it gas only been a day (or so) since the WordPress iPhone blogging app has come out but I have already used it to do at least 5 posts on various blogs. As I speculated it is allowing me to blog more which I really have been struggling to do. The fact that I can blog from anywhere has caused me to try to utilize my down time more and I am actually trying to think of things to blog about now. Also, I do not feel restricted by the tiny keyboard and have actually typed some rather long posts (quite longer then long emails that I have done in the past).

With that there have been somethings that have surfaced on my like/dislike/wish lists in regards to the app. I will start with the likes first.


  • Using the iPhone Keyboard for content - the suggestions and spell check while you type are great.
  • Multiple blogs available - I have only setup 3 as of right now but it is nice to just open the app and start typing.
  • Local saved copies of drafts - the fact that it saves it locally is cool in the case you are blogging and do not have Internet for some reason.
  • Remote drafts - I like this because I may want to do a post that I would want supporting images formatted in the post (not after the post).
  • Categories and Tags - it reads your categories from your blog and you can add new ones from the app if you like.
  • Attaching images to posts - while still primitive I would still rather have it in it’s present form then not at all.
  • Preview of your post - it is awesome that you can see what it looks like on your blog before publishing.


  • No inline images - I really like to put images in the content of my posts, not neccesarily after
  • It’s really hard to do HTML markup - it’s available and supported in the app but it is a pain. I was going to code these lists in HTML but gave up after the third tag. This has a lot to do with the iPhone keyboard and where characters are placed. Also the spellcheck/auto complete really don’t help here (they actually do the opposite of help).
  • You have to leave your password intact to have a blog listed in the app. I have a private journal that I don’t want anybody to stumble into if they are checking out my phone. I would rather be prompted for a password to access it (it us a private blog).
  • You cannot access your online images already on your blog. This would be great.
  • Uploaded images do not adhere to standard resizing rules. In WordPress 2.5+ you get to set the thumbnail and medium sizes of uploaded images. The app uploaded and displays the smaller image size from the iPhone.

Wish List

  • Some sort of HTML macros for lists and other formatting items.
  • More/Better image support
  • Password protect app/individual blogs.

Overall the app is one of the most usable iPhone apps for me. All the others that I have downloaded are mostly toys in comparison. For me it is completely usable in its current state despite my dislikes and wish list items. I have come to realize that blogging is about the content more then anything else and this app addresses that head on. I would pay money for it if necessary but am happy that it is free. I would gladly pay money for a version that has more advanced features included.

This app will definitely change the way I blog and frequency in which I post.

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I Caved and Got an iPhone 3G

July 22nd, 2008 Comments off

I know, I know. I said that I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone but get an MSI Wind instead. See there were a couple of different events that lead me down the iPhone path instead and now I do have the 3g and I won’t be getting the Wind.

The first was that I took the Mac Mini out of my son’s room and put it in my office which is downstairs. He had been playing too many video games and although they were educational we noticed that he was not that interested in regular toys as much. A four year old that wants to play video games and not with toys can be tough to handle.

With the Mac Mini downstairs my wire then had a computer to do small tasks with without going upstairs (the kids can be easier to handle downstairs. I asked her whether she felt that we still need the Wind and she said no.

All of that lead up to us being on vacation last week and my birthday happen to be on that Monday. I mentioned to her whether she would mind if I got it and she said sure. I waited for 2 hours last Saturday night and scored a black 8GB model.

I have to say that I really like it. The GPS came in really handy on our vacation and the 3G was fast where you could get it (3G coverage is terrible in Northern California compared to the Austin area). The other thing I like about it is the plastic back instead of the aluminum one of the first generation. I had a rubber case on my first generation one because it was so slippery. With this one I don’t have a case and do not plan to get one.

All in all I am glad that I got it. I have already sold my 1st generation iPhone and my wife has already put in her order (with me) for a 3G. We are thinking of giving her phone (unactivated) to my son as a gaming console since he has taken a liking to a couple of games that I have loaded on my phone from the App Store. We will see about that ;-) .

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Finally! A Better Looking Theme Here at

July 22nd, 2008 Comments off

I had really trashed the other theme that was here previously but know we have something that is a little better looking.

This is the WP Premium theme from by WP Remix.

I have made a couple of modifications to it to fir this site but the underlying theme is still intact. I will probably look to change the color from red to blue down the road but the red color scheme is much better then what was here before.

Anyway, I have gone through it and everything seems to work correctly. If you find anything that doesn’t please drop me a line.

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Images are Working Properly Now

July 22nd, 2008 Comments off

Another update here at the website is that I fixed the issue that I had with images being uploaded and displayed properly.

I did not have the “Full URL path to filed” set. It says that this an optional setting and it worked before but I guess it wanted it now.

Anyway here are some pics from my iPhone to make sure that it is working.




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WordPress Releases Blogging Client for the iPhone

July 22nd, 2008 Comments off

Hot off the press - WordPress has released their blogging client for the iPhone. In fact I am typing this post on my iPhone right now.

I have been waiting for this since the iPhone 2.0 firmware release when Typepad released their blogging client. I downloaded it but never used it since I don’t have a Typad blog.

So far this seems to be working great. The add photo section works cool although it adds the photo to the bottom of the post. Preview is awesome since you get to see you post formated in your blogs theme.

I think with this app I am going to be blogging a whole lot more :-) .

P.S. I originally uploaded images from my iPhone to this post but it was not working. That was an issue with this blog not the app. Also, I have noticed with this post that this template is not very WordPress Gallery friendly - I realize that - i am looking for a new theme as we speak as I cannot stand this one anyway.

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Sunflower Theme is WordPress 2.6 Compatible

July 16th, 2008 Comments off

We have upgraded WordPress to the latest 2.6 version and have tested the Sunflower theme to make sure that it is compatible. Everything seems to be looking good so if you come across any issue let me know.

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Halloween Theme is WordPress 2.6 Compatible

July 16th, 2008 Comments off

We have upgraded WordPress to the latest 2.6 version and have tested the Halloween theme to make sure that it is compatible. Everything seems to be looking good so if you come across any issue let me know.

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Beach House Theme is WordPress 2.6 Compatible

July 16th, 2008 Comments off

We have upgraded WordPress to the latest 2.6 version and have tested the Beach House theme to make sure that it is compatible. Everything seems to be looking good so if you come across any issue let me know.

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Early Update to the iPhone 2.0 Firmware, with a Little Scare

July 10th, 2008 Comments off

4255-500 I could not resist. Mac Rumors found the pre-release version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware and I had to install it. My phone was Jailbroken so i had to do a restore to the regular 1.1.4 version firmware and then upgrade to 2.0.

Everything went well for the most part except for the fact that my mail application would not work. If I clicked the mail icon it would half-load the mail app and then crash to the desktop. I tried restoring - twice - without the issue being resolved. I did multiple searches on Mac Rumor, Gizmodo, and the Apple Support forums and nobody was having this issue so I knew it was an isolated issue.

I did come across some other folks who could not receive incoming calls (but could make them out) and it was suggested to them to re-download the update and re-restore from there. I tried this and am happy to say that it worked - my mail app does what it is supposed to and now I can check multiple emails at one time to either delete or move them to a fold.

Other things that I have noticed is that the keyboard seems more zippy and passwords now have their characters changed to dots after a few seconds to mask them much in the way that a standard Mac or PC does. Safari does seem quicker as well.

But that’s not the best part - Official 3rd Party Apps Rock!

I have already downloaded 6 of them ranging from AOL radio (KROQ from So Cal streams quite nicely) and I am eager to check out the blogging app by Six Apart.

I was really sweating it there for a while especially since I am packing up to leave on vacation this afternoon and the thought of no email access was freaking me out. I thought I may have to go buy a 3G iPhone just to have it (that is not exactly the end of the world).

Anyway, the iPhone 2.0 firmware rocks and it is enough to keep me tied over until the 32GB version of the iPhone comes out.

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