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Carl’s JR Comes to Texas

January 23rd, 2009 Comments off

carls-jr-cedar-park-txCarl’s Jr has come to the great state of Texas and setup shop in Cedar Park which is just 15 minutes north of Austin.

Carl’s Jr started way back in the 40’s in Southern California as a hot dog cart and has been growing nationally ever since. Having grown up in So Cal myself I frequented Carl’s for the Western Bacon Cheese Burger. This hamburger consists of a flame broiled patty, cheese, bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. It is truly a unique burger that I missed when moving to Texas.

Today I went to Car’ls Jr in Cedar Park to relive my days Western Bacon Cheese Burger delight and I was not disappointed. The burger was great. It seems that they have upgrade to a new style of french fries that are the “natural cut” fries which were quite tasty.

The only drawback to the Cedar Park location is that the seating is limited. I was lucky to get a seat even though I got there before the lunch rush. As I was finishing there were people with food but without a seat. They do have room to add tables outside and I would highly recommend it.

In talking with the server that took my order Carl’s is planning on adding 15 more locations in the area. The sever also said that their was another Carl’s Jr in the southern part of Austin but was not sure of the exact location.

All-in-all it was a good experience and I am happy to have another creature comfort from my days in California. Now all we need in In & Out Burger here in Texas!

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Trading in the Acer Aspire One for a MacBook

January 16th, 2009 Comments off

macbook_whiteI have traded our Acer Aspire One for a 13″ MacBook.

While looking for a new Product Manager position I am stepping up my side business in Web Design and Development to generate some extra income. I tried using my wife’s Aspire One but it was just too small and underpowered. Therefore tonight I went to the Apple store and got a white MacBook.

Netbooks are great to travel with because they are so light. But unfortunately there wasn’t much more I could do with it that I couldn’t do with my iPhone. The MacBook isn’t full size but it is bigger then the netbook and is a reasonable price for the features. I used to have one that was issued by my company so I am already used to it’s size and performance.

Netbooks are cool but just a little too small for me to be completely usable. Your mileage may vary.

I Have Been Released to Pursue Other Options

January 8th, 2009 Comments off

2008-03-22-freedomThat is the nice way of saying that I got laid off today. I know that I was one of three that got released from the Product Management Team this morning from Coremetrics. I know the management there was doing all they could to avoid it but when the seas get rough you have to lighten the load in order to make it to port. I wish all those at Coremetrics well and look forward to seeing them make it through the storm.

In light of that I have added a new page to the site with my resume on it. If you are looking for a Product Manager that is well balanced between client requirements and the technical side of getting the job done then I am your man. I am in the Austin area and would love to talk to you. Sorry, I love Austin and am not looking to relocate.

My resume can be viewed and downloaded here:

Dan Masters – Product Manager, Austin TX

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I Was Finally Able to Use My Table Saw to Finish Stuff for Christmas

January 2nd, 2009 Comments off

I was finally able to get my table saw up and running. Not only that I bought a zero clearance insert and casters for it as well. On top of that I built a sled for it so that I could do some repeatable cuts while working on the stepping stools that I did for Christmas presents. It was so nice to finally have a real table saw.

The stepping stools came out pretty nice although I did not get them done in time for Christmas. They were built and glued but I did not get to priming them until after Christmas. At the time of writing this they still need to be sanded and to be touched up.

I also did not get the second batch of magazine racks done either. They are stained but I still need to put the Polyurethane on them. I did take the people that were getting them into the garage to show them what they would be getting “some day soon”. That day hasn’t come yet but I will try to get them done during this long weekend.

What I Learned

These were some really cool projects that brought several really good lessons with them. Here are some of those lessons:

  • The grit of the sandpaper that you use determines how much stain the wood will absorb.
    I found this out by sanding the first set of magazine racks with 220 grit. They did not seems to want to take the stain. Then on the second batch I sand just a few blemish areas with 100 and the stain did not want to take in those areas. Next time if I sand one spot I sand the whole thing with 100 grit.
  • My paint sprayer has adjustments for the paint and air flow and I should adjust them before painting my pieces.
    I used oil base primer to seal the stepping stools which was really thick paint. It coated the stools with a texture because I had too much paint and air coming out. Half way through I started messing with the knobs on the back and was able to get nice even texture-free coats on some test pieces. Oh well, that is what sanding blocks are for.
  • Start building Christmas presents before December 1st.
    I had not planned to build Christmas presents this year but then I saw the magazine rack idea on the Wood Whisperer and thought “Hey, I can do that”. Sure I was able to do it but not in the quantity and time frame that was needed. Next year I am starting in August ;-) .
  • Keep things in perspective, this is supposed to be fun and I am just starting out.
    This is probably the most important lesson. There was a point a few days before Christmas that I was exhausted and tired of rushing to get these things done. It was not fun anymore and that is not how it should be. Therefore I took a couple of nights off from it which is why they were not done for Christmas. I don’t regret it as I needed to take a step back. Also, I was rushing too much and that always leads to accidents which I did not want.

All in all it was a good Christmas season and I loved being able to make something by hand for folks. For those that did get their magazine racks before Christmas they loved them and I am sure the other folks will like theirs when they get them.

After all the dust settles it looks like I will be moving on to a gadget station for me and a head board for our room. I can’t wait!

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