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Link Love – Permanent Honeymoon Blog

March 31st, 2009 Comments off


The Permanent Honeymoon Blog is the blog of Mike and Juliana Mitchell who love to travel and share their experiences with others. Here is an excerpt from their about page:

Permanent Honeymoon is a site dedicated to keeping the fire alive in a married or committed relationship. We (Mike and Juliana Mitchell) have been married for almost 20 years and love travel. Once, a friend said of us: “Mike and Juliana don’t go anywhere that they don’t serve room service.” That is (almost) true.

We love romantic, exotic and luxury travel – even when it is inexpensive. At Permanent Honeymoon, we share our travel stories, reviews and insights, although now, this site is growing to more than just travel. We have had some version of this site on the Internet for almost ten years, while we are about to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year (2009).

You’ve inspired me to take a nice vacation Mike and Juliana – Thanks for sharing!

dsmasters: Garden at the Beach Blog – another user of the WordPress Beach House theme –

March 30th, 2009 Comments off

dsmasters: Garden at the Beach Blog – another user of the WordPress Beach House theme –

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Link Love – Garden at the Beach Blog

March 30th, 2009 Comments off


The Garden at the Beach Blog is the personal blog of Katie Elzer-Peters. In her blog Katie covers a wide variety of topics. Here is an excerpt from here about page:

The Garden at the Beach is the Blog of Katie Elzer-Peters, writer, gardener, marketing professional, book devourer, and beach-lover. The blog provides information about marketing, marketing trends, gardening, books, reading and other fun and useful things. Katie’s main website, The Garden of Words, showcases her professional work. The Blog is a place for Katie to share her thoughts on current events, trends, books and gardening.

Thanks Katie for the link love, this one is rightback at you!

Link Love – Crossroads Christian Fellowship Website

March 29th, 2009 Comments off


Crossroads Christian Fellowship chose to use the Beach House theme for their church website I assume because they are located in Oceanside, California. They were probably drawn to the the theme through the picture in the header which is actually of San Clemente, CA. Here are some items from their about page:

Our Motto:

  • Together we’re making a real difference… living for Christ in word, thought, and deed… in our church, our community, and our world (I Cor. 15:58)

Our Purpose & Mission:

  • Loving intensely our God and our neighbor (Matt. 22:37-39)
  • Connecting with our community and our world… by making disciples, dispensing the sacraments, abiding in Christ’s teachings, and proclaiming His glorious gospel (Matt. 28:18-19)
  • Helping people come to Christ and to grow in Him in the sphere of His church, His Spirit, and His Word (Eph. 4:11-16)

Thanks goes out to the Crossroads Christian Fellowship and I wish you well in your mission!

Link Love – Games Weasel Video Game Review Blog

March 28th, 2009 Comments off


Games Weasel is the game review blog of Matt Cuttle. For his blog he did extensive changes to the Beach House theme to where you can only see some resemblance of the original theme. Regardless of the changes Matt keep the links back to the Beach House theme site and for that we are grateful. Here is clip about his site from his about page:

Gamesweasel is a weekly computer games news, video game reviews, gaming industry interviews for console, portable and PC gaming. Gamesweasel is the place for video games enthusiasts, casual gamers and gaming addicts alike. Matt is no stranger to the games industry, having presented, written and directed for a broad range of shows ranging from ‘Gamers’ and ‘The Daily Quiz’ to Sky One daytime show ‘Gamezville’.

Thanks again Matt for the Link Love, here is some back at you.

Link Love – Florida Citizens for Science Blog

March 27th, 2009 Comments off

The Florida Citizens for Science Blog appears to be a blog that is related to the website who’s purpose is to defend and promote good science, especially in the public school classroom. Here is an excerpt from their blog’s about page:

This blog is used to keep track of the good, bad and ugly science news in our state and beyond. We tend to focus on educational issues. When a science class makes the news for doing something interesting or positive, I try to make sure a post goes up here about it. When a Florida scientist gets out into the community to promote education, I try to highlight it. Yes, we will certainly post all about the antics of those trying to promote an anti-science viewpoint, but we are just as much about praising the good things that happen in our state.

Many thanks for using the Beach House theme!

dsmasters: Giving some Link Love to #jokosher – A long time user of the Beach House WordPress Theme –

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

dsmasters: Giving some Link Love to #jokosher – A long time user of the Beach House WordPress Theme –

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Link Love – Jokosher Audio Production Software

March 26th, 2009 Comments off


One of the first sites that I started to see clicks coming from to the site was from which makes Audio Production Software. As you can see from the screenshot above they made some modifications to the Beach House theme which I think look great especially since the Photoshop files wasn’t available at the time. Here is a quick excerpt from their about page:

Jokosher is a simple and powerful multi-track studio. Jokosher provides a complete application for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio, and has been specifically designed with usability in mind. The developers behind Jokosher have re-thought audio production at every level, and created something devilishly simple to use.

Many thanks to folks at Jokosher for using the Beach House theme!

Sites That Use the Beach House WordPress Theme

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

link-loveThis site has always been a place where I previewed the WordPress Beach House them and provided news about updates that are made to the theme. As you can see the posts on this site are few and far between which isn’t so bad but I would really like to see this site used for something and up until now I did not know what that was.

See one of my favorite past times with this site is to see how people are using the theme for their individual sites. There are people that use the theme right out of the box (or zip file ;-) ) and then there are those that modify it to their liking. I am all for modifications for the theme and have even provided the Photoshop file for people to use to do so. Regardless of whether people keep the vanilla version of the theme or do heavy mods to it one thing they all seem to do is leave the links in the footer that link back to this site. In the Blogosphere we like to call that link love and I am very thankful for the love that I have been receiving.

Now it is time to give back.

What I am going to be doing is checking my stats and Google to see which sites out there are using the Beach House theme and still linking back to me and do a little writeup here on the site about there site. While I would love to link to everyone there are a few guidelines that I am going to follow for quality sake and to keep things PG around here. So here are the guidelines that I am looking to follow:

  1. The sites that have been using the theme the longest will get linked to first for their continued support
  2. Only sites that are active will get a post from me. You can tell a dead site when you see one (no circa 2007 posts about who will be President on the first page of the site).
  3. Non-PG will not be linked to. This theme and some of my other themes have become popular with certain industries that some might find objectionable. I do thank those sites for their support but for the sake of family friendliness…
  4. I will take requests for posts if you are using the theme but I do not guarantee that I will post on it. I really would like to see a site have the theme for at least 6 months so I know that it is really using it instead of getting some free advertisement.
  5. It is to my discretion as to how many of these posts that I will due. At the time of writing this I have 10 sites that I want to do posts on but after that who knows. No guarantees on how long this will last.

Along with doing the posts I have created a new category named “Link Love” that will be an archive of all the posts that are of users of the Beach House theme.

Again I say thank you to all those that are using the theme and hope that my little tribute to you pays off on more awareness of you website.

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The Beach House Theme Updated to Version 1.6

March 25th, 2009 Comments off

I have done some fixes/improvements to the Beach House theme. Notable items are:

  • Fixed the header issue folks where having
  • Added comment features native to WordPress 2.7
  • Tested in WordPress 2.7 - no issues found.

The 1.6 version of the Beach House theme can be download at the WordPress Theme Directory.

Spring – Time to Plant Trees – 7 of Them

March 25th, 2009 Comments off
Well we have been at the new house going on a year now and it is now officially spring so I started to put out the feelers to plant some trees in the backyard. As mentioned before we have a … Continue reading
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Texas Bluebonnets and How Twitter Helped Us Find Them

March 24th, 2009 Comments off

texas-bluebonnets18This past weekend my wife and I had our monthly day off from the kids and decided to go look for Bluebonnets which are the Texas state flower. Initially we started to drive north of Austin but were not finding very many so we decided to drive out to 290 toward Houston since we had seen Bluebonnets in that area in years past.

On our way to the 290 we passed a large group of RV’s and tents setup in Cedar Park and were wondering what was going on. I had my wife do a search on Twitter for Cedar Park and someone had Twittered about attending a cook off in Cedar Park and so our question was answered. Being inspired I asked my wife to search Twitter for Bluebonnets and sure enough there were people Twittering about seeing a lot of Bluebonnets on the way from Houston to Austin. Specifically there was mention of them being in Brenham which is about half way between the two. One person who Twittered about the Bluebonnets mentioned that there were a lot behind the Walmart in Brenham at the 290 and 36.

We headed that way.

When we were a few miles away from the Walmart location we noticed another field full of Bluebonnets that a few folks had stopped at and decided to stop there as we figured it would be less crowded. Feeling grateful that someone else had shared their find decided to repay the favor and Twittered -

We found the Bluebonnets! Location – and pic –

With Tweetie on my iPhone I was able to give GPS coordinates along with a picture of the location so that others could find it for themselves. I had never used Twitter in the capacity before and found it really help in finding out what was going on “Right Now” with my interest at hand. I will definitely be using it again in the future for similar situations.

Below are some of the pictures that we took in the cool location that we found.

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Fessing Up and Building My Own WordPress Themes

March 24th, 2009 Comments off
For client work I always work on a custom website design and layout and then transform that into WordPress template for the client’s website. For my personal sites I will admit that I generally rely on the work of others to get something up quickly and have even resorted to purchasing some memberships to theme [...] No related posts.

Playing With the WordPress iPhone 1.2 App

March 19th, 2009 Comments off

WordPress has released their 1.2 version of their iPhone app. Noteable items that this update includes are:

– Landscape Mode
– New/editing pages
– Comment moderation
– Image resizing
– Password protect posts

I am using it to do this post and it seems to be working pretty well.

Good job WordPress iPhone App Dev team!

Now I just need to get used to tying in Landscape mode with my thumbs.

– Post from my iPhone, please excuse any typos :-) .

My First iPhone Amazon Kindle Purchase

March 18th, 2009 Comments off

p-480-320-b0200dfe-74af-4e45-aac9-bb6924ef1b81.jpegCool! I just made my first iPhone Amazon Kindle purchase. I was in a book store and found a book that I was about to purchase when I thought “it would be realy nice to have this on my iPhone instead of luging this hunk of paper around”. So I jumped on to check it and and sure enough they had the book. The best part was that it was 50% cheaper as a ebook then a real book. I did a quick “One Click Purchase” and was told that the book would be added to my iPhone the next time that I opened the Kindle app.

After closing Safari I opened the Kindle app and it said that it was syncing and in less then 30 seconds my book appeared. I opened it and the whole thing was there. I though that it would need to download for a while but it was actually pretty quick. The whole experience was pretty cool!

This has opened up a whole new world for me as having the book “in my pocket” will give it a much better chance of getting read. Good work Amazon!

– Posted from my iPhone, please excuse any typos!

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Spring Cleaning the Workshop

March 16th, 2009 Comments off

spring-cleaning-workshop03 Spring is here and so the time to start doing projects around the house has come. In preparation to do projects for the summer I have tasked myself with getting my workshop cleaned up. As you can see from the picture to the right and below the workshop section of my garage had become a storage facility during the winter.

New Shelf

spring-cleaning-workshop07 Part of the cleanup project was to add an additional shelf above my wall-mounted workbench. In the process of doing that I noticed that a couple of the anchors for the existing shelf were starting to come out of the wall. I shored this up by adding a metal L-bracket connected to a stud. Looking back now I am not sure why I did not attach the shelf brackets to studs in the first place. I made up for it with the new shelf though by adding two additional brackets. I also made sure that all 6 brackets of the new shelf were attached to studs. That shelf should be fine for years to come although I might want to think about painting it.

The Workbenches

Another part of the project is to finish up my mobile (or movable) workbenches. I have had these guys for 3 years now and have never finished them because they were doing pretty good the way they were. I need more storage space though and there is plenty of space under them that is not being fully utilized right now. In addition to that one of the benches is pretty unstable and so needs a little rework to be as solid as the other bench.

spring-cleaning-workshop06My plans for the workbenches include taking the current tops of 5/8” plywood and cutting them down to use as a shelf at the bottom of the bench. From there I bought 3/4 MDF that I will use for the top. I really did not take care of the tops of benches before but I want to this time around so I will be sealing them with Polyurethane and will protect them from now on if I paint on them.

I will also be adding backs to the benches so that the items that I store in the bottom will not be easily accessible by the kids when they are in the garage. The kids love the garage and try to get into anything that they can while in there. The other thing that will do is make it look a little cleaner and organized.

The final thing that I am thinking of doing is to paint and/or stain the benches. I know they are benches and they are in the garage but it may be nice to see them finished. I think I could spend the whole spring working on the benches so I have to be careful so that I can actually get to some other projects.

My hope is that I can finish the cleanup/rebuild within the next few days and get to a couple of other projects that I have lined up. We’ll see how successful I am with that schedule ;-) .

Workbenches - before the rebuild/cleanup Workbenches - before the rebuild/cleanup - 2 The "garden section" and scrap wood The permentant bench and it's mess Kind of Clenaed up bench and new shelf Nice and clean benches and with one semi-finshed The cleaned up "garden section" and scrap wood Bench with the plywood back on it Bench with MDF top (Not attached yet) Usable storage under the workbench! Usable storage under the workbench 2! springcleaningworkshop06-thumb.jpg springcleaningworkshop06.jpg springcleaningworkshop07-thumb.jpg springcleaningworkshop07.jpg springcleaningworkshop03-thumb.jpg springcleaningworkshop03.jpg

dsmasters: John Stewart of the Daily Shows rips Cramer face-to-face for his and MSNBC’s bad calls on the economic melt down –

March 13th, 2009 Comments off

dsmasters: John Stewart of the Daily Shows rips Cramer face-to-face for his and MSNBC’s bad calls on the economic melt down –

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My Lego iPhone 3G Dock

March 11th, 2009 Comments off

iphone-3g-dock14 I have had an iPhone since about 3 months after the original 2G model came out. in fact both my wife and I had the 2G model and currently have the 3G’s. We sold one of the 2G’s and gave the other one away to a family member. Although it was not intentional I happened to keep the docs that came with the 2G models.

I had some people take a Dremel and hollow out the 2G doc to accommodate the 3G and decided to try this myself even though I have an Incase rubber case on it.

That did not work.

I ended up cutting away the majority of the doc and my iPhone with its case would still not fit. From there I decided to take the innards out of the doc and raid my 5 year old’s Legos. The result is the doc that can be viewed below. Also included are the photos of the steps that I took in building if someone is as daring as I to build one.

iPhone 3G Dock with Incase Case 2G Dock disassembled 3G Lego Dock compared to 2G Dock - Side View 3G Lego Dock compared to 2G Dock - Front View 3G Lego Dock Close Up - Top 3G Lego Dock Close Up - Bottom Assembling the Dock - Step 1 Assembling the Dock - Step 2 Assembling the Dock - Step 3 Assembling the Dock - Step 4 Assembling the Dock - Step 5 Assembling the Dock - Step 6 Assembling the Dock - Step 7 Assembling the Dock - Step 8 - Finished Rear View Rear View with Sync Cable iPhone Docked in the Lego Dock

Places I Like – Que Pasa Mexican Restaurant

March 10th, 2009 Comments off

que-pasa-round-rock-tx1 I have been eating at Que Pasa in Round Rock, Texas for several months now and thought that I would give them a shout out. I like Mexican food in general but was severally disappointed in the type of Mexican food that was served here in Texas. The reason for my disappointment was that Mexican food on the West Coast is different then it is here in Texas.

There is a reason that Mexican food here in Texas is called Tex Mex – it’s different. After several months of not having an Mexican food my wife and went to try some Tex Mex with a different mindset – we are trying something new so don’t expect it taste like West Coast Mexican food. With that mindset we loved it and frequent several Tex Mex places in the area.

Back to Que Pasa…

We stumbled upon Que Pasa about 6 months ago when El Arroyo closed near the Baskin Robbins off of Highway 79. We decided to try. From the first day we were impressed. It was West Coast style Mexican food and was great.

I have tried several things on their menu but usually go for their Flautas (made with corn tortillas as opposed to flour). Some times I will opt for a crispy shredded beef taco and/or an enchilada. Their fajitas are good as well. Another thing that I really like about Que Pasa are the prices, they are really affordable.

Some people here in Texas may not like Que Pasa because their food is not traditional Tex Max and that is understandable. I think if they would go there with an open mind, like we did to Tex Mex restaurants here in Texas, then I think that they would be pleasantly surprised.

SugarSync Syncing Problem and Solution

March 10th, 2009 Comments off

sugarsync-icon I have been using SugarSync for almost a year now and have synced up to 6 different computers (or instances of computers) at a time. These computers varied between Macs and PCs. Currently I am only syncing between an iMac and a MacBook.

The Problem

About a month ago I setup SugarSync to sync a new folder which was the wp-content folder from a WordPress install on a Xampp web server installation. Installed Xampp and WordPress separately on each computer and then set SugarSync to sync the folder with the iMac being the first computer that was added to the sync.

Unfortunately from day one I could not get the two to sync. The MacBook would always get stuck with 242 files needing to be uploaded. These files were files that I had added on the MacBook but did not exist on the iMac. I entered an issue with SugarSync support but after a week and a half of going back and forth with them the issue was still not resolved.

dropbox-logo Defeated I considered trying to figure out how to get Dropbox to do the same thing for my but it does not have native folder sharing built into it. There is a hack to get it to do that but it is a hack. The other reason that I was holding out for a solution to my SugarSync issue is cost. Right now I pay $2.50/month (which is pennies) for 10GB of sync space. I currently only use 5GB of it. If I went with Dropbox I would have to pay $10/month for 50GB and I did not need that much space.

Today I was about to go to Starbucks to do some work and had some files on my iMac that I wanted to make sure were on my MacBook. The MacBook still had the pending 242 files to upload so I used Dropbox to share the files in question. Desperate to know why SugarSync was not working I decided to look into it again.

Possible Solution

sugarsync-permissions   The first thing that I did was to look at the files that were pending upload. They were all files in the wp-content folder, everything else in my My Doc’s folder was fine. I checked the permissions of the wp-content folder on both the MacBook and the iMac. There was a difference between the two. The MacBook had read/write permissions for me and for everyone while the iMac only had read permissions for everyone. I thought this might be the issue so I changed the permissions on the iMac to everyone as well.

I closed and restarted SugarSync but those files still did not upload.

Actual Solution

With the above attempt not yielding any results I then decided to try to start from scratch with the rebel folder. I looked closer at the files in the wp-content folder and determined that it was only a couple of folders with files in them that was having trouble. I manually copied the folders and files in question out of the directory and onto my desktop. After that I deleted the entire themes folder.

sugarsync-manager-mac From there I moved the themes folder out of the wp-content folder on the iMac and let SugarSync sync the changes on both the MacBook and the iMac. After that was done I went to the SugarSync Manager and right clicked the deleted items folder and emptied it. This took a while and afterward SugarSync synced again.

After this last sync was completed both computers showed that they were completely in sync – Success!

The final thing that I did was to drag the themes folder on the iMac back into the wp-content folder. SugarSync immediately started uploading the files and my MacBook started downloading them a few seconds later. After they were done I added the original rebel folders into the wp-content folder on the MacBook and they were synced as well.

Problem solved :-) .


SugarSync rocks and I feel bad that I had those guys running around in circles trying to figure out my issues. I am not exactly sure what caused the issues but the above did work.

Dropbox is a cool service and I do use it a lot. The difference is though that I manual use Dropbox to share items on my desktop between computers and files with an associate of mine. With SugarSync it is pretty transparent when it is working. I think each has its own place.

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