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Safari Champ Kids Indoor Play Center Opens in Round Rock

February 26th, 2011 Comments off

Safari Champ, a kid’s indoor play center, has opened up in the location previously occupied by Jungle Java.

Our kids were disappointed when Jungle Java closed but now hopefully they will be happier now that Safari Champ has taken its place. We are planning on taking our kids there today to check it out. I will try to snap some pictures while we are there to share.

Here is a link to their website:

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New Project – Austin Turf Grass

February 21st, 2011 Comments off
I just started a new project today for a company called Austin Turf Grass. They provide sod that you put in your yard and this is all that they do. The are very focused on quality and have been in business since 1984. I have setup a temporary page for them at their new domain […]
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Next Step Capital Partners

February 3rd, 2011 Comments off
Next Step Capital Partners is a new investment company that operates similar to a VC but instead of taking an equity stake in the company they accept repayment as a percentage of revenue. It is a unique approach to funding and they needed a strong online presence to clearly identify what differentiates them. I worked with several members of […]

Clean Tests, But A Lot of Pain

February 1st, 2011 Comments off

As mentioned before I had my stent in my esophagus replaced last Wednesday. Aa a part of every EGD to replace the stent my GI doctor does biopsies to make sure the cancer has not come back. He also checks my small intestine to see how the villi are doing from me having celiac disease.

In both cases everything looks good – no sign of cancer and my villi have all grown back so their is no sign of celiac disease. That does not mean I can now eat gluten but does mean that my body has healed itself and is absorbing nutrients like it is supposed to now.  This is good because it means that I get more out of the food that I eat then ever before.

Throat Pain

Unfortunately with all that good news I am not feeling all that great. When my GI doc removed the old stent I bled – a lot. Then, when placing the new stent he put it in a little different position (on purpose) and therefore my throat is not used to having something there and so it hurts.

I was OK in the hospital when they had me on morphine for two days but for the last 3 days I have been on vicodin and it is not cutting it. I went to a pain management appointment yesterday morning and they gave me something different that is supposed to be in between vicodin and morphine and should last longer. I took it last night and it does help without making me feel out of it like the morphine and the vicodin do.

I was a little concerned with the amount of pain I have been in the last few days but my wife reminded me that when my first stent was put in that it was a very similar experience. Funny, that was less then 6 months ago but I had forgotten. If this time is similar then it may be a few weeks before all of the pain goes away. I made it through the first time though and will make it through this time as well.


Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and good wishes. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.