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What Am I Up To These Days?

August 24th, 2012 Comments off

Boy, that’s an interesting question. I am kind of trying to figure that out.

I am no longer going through treatment for cancer and am now in recovery mode. In all honesty it wasn’t the actual cancer treatment that got to me, it was the “persistent stricture” as a result of surgery that almost did me in. I have since got that fixed but it left my plumbing (digestive system) a little difficult to deal with.

Due to the extensive treatment that I went through and the side effects of treatment I am currently disabled. This has mostly to do with my energy level, pain, and other ailments that saving my life caused. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I would much rather deal with the things that slow me down now as opposed what possibly could have happened. But on the flip side, what I went through was a big deal, and my body bears the scares to prove it. 

How I Spend My Days

meMy days are mostly spent doing some form of physical activity, going to the doctor, and tinkering around the house. Only recently have I started cleaning the dust off of my websites and started messing with them. I still have a fair amount of doctors appointments so they keep me pretty busy as well.

My biggest challenge right now is my energy. I probably have the energy of someone twice my age (which is not a good thing). I get tired really easy and am trying to learn what my limits are so I don’t over do it. I haven’t ventured into the garage too much yet due to the heat. The heat outside kicks my butt right now.

Exercise. Diet. Yeah…

I just finished up physical therapy and am starting an after-cancer exercise program that is sponsored by LIVESTRONG at the YMCA (Village People cue…). I don’t like exercise anymore then the next guy but I need it, without it I probably wouldn’t make it out of my bedroom each day.

starbucks-frappuccinoI am also beginning to work with a nutritionist. I have Celiac disease and no stomach so it can be a little tricky finding foods that I can eat. I am not a big fan of smoothies but I do love Starbucks Frappuccinos. I can get 460 calories out of a medium one of those babies. Yes, I am a calorie counter but in the opposite way. I count calories in order to get as many of them as I can out of every meal or snack. Now before you wish to be me I will inform you that gaining weight is as difficult, if not more, then losing weight. It’s hard to gain the weight and to keep it on (yes, I live in opposite world).

My God, Why Are You Writing All Of This?

If you have made it this far you may be asking yourself this question. The reason is that there are a lot of people that go through similar situations and they want to see if anyone ever makes it through. I just received a comment on one of my other websites earlier today from a person that is facing terminal cancer. The said that my posts were helpful and thanked me for writing them. I didn’t really write for that reason but am glad that something I love to do can be helpful to someone else.

I am also writing this because I need to see where I am and where I have been.

I often will go back through my old posts and read about the things that I was going through at that time. It was also a good way to keep friends and family up-to-date with how I was doing without having to make a million phone calls.

What Are You Going To Do From Now On?

I have no idea. It really just depends on what I am physically capable of doing. It also depends on what I can handle mentally too. When your body is screaming out in pain your mind is a difficult thing to focus. I am trying to spend some time updating my websites with new designs and content. Other then that I am non-committal on anything else for the time being. I will continue to exercise my mind and body as much as possible and look to the future to see what it holds.

Now watch this video of a cute kitten:

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Jetpack 1.7 Custom CSS = Awesome+++

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Wow. This is awesome. Automattic, creators of WordPress and their ultra cool Jetpack plugin, have added custom CSS to the already extensive array of features. The reason why this is such a big deal to me is because this make customizing your current theme really easy. Back in the day if you wanted to change […]
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Halloween is Around the Corner, Time to Costume Shop

August 15th, 2012 Comments off

My wife and have started shopping for the kids back to school needs. While shopping I noticed that some store are also putting out Halloween costumes and decorations. I told my wife that I would like to buy the kids costumes early this year instead of running around a the past minute. She agreed with and also mentioned that she wanted to dress up this year too.

For the last couple of years I haven’t been able to take part in Halloween due to my health issues. This year however I want to make up for the years that I missed (I sound like a kid huh?). So I now have the question of what do I want to be for Halloween?

I did a quick search on Google and found this Halloween costumes website which has a really cool selection of costumes for adults. After searching through the costumes my first round of possibilities are a 70′s disc jockey, a doctor, or Ryu from Street Fighter. I have to see what my wife might want to be so maybe we can match up.

This year, God willing, I’ll be able to go trick-or-treating and be dressed up in a cool costume doing it.

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Really Cool Stair Runner Ideas

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I just got turned on to the website a few weeks ago. Since then I get emails with people’s projects and beautiful pictures of people’s houses. Today’s email had an article about stair runners and the different styles that … Continue reading

How to Embed Articles & Ideabooks in Self-Hosted WordPress Posts & Pages

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Whew! That is a long title. I felt that I needed to get all those words in there because this issue put me in a pickle this morning. So how do you embed Articles and Ideabooks from in you self-hosted WordPress site? Unfortunately WordPress does not allow you to do this without a plugin […]