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Air Hogs Havoc Cyclone – A Cool Little Indoor Stunt Airplane

September 18th, 2008 Comments off

Air Hogs has launched their latest indoor micro RC airplane named the Havoc Cyclone. It is similar in size to the Air Hogs Nano Hawk and has a similar controller. The biggest difference the Havoc Cyclone and the Nano Hawk is that the Havoc Cyclone is shaped pretty different. While the Nano looks like a traditional bi-plane the Cyclone looks more like a futuristic spacecraft.

The reason for different shape of the Cyclone is that it is built to do stunts. The instructions that come with the Cyclone outline stunts that the airplane is capable of such as:

  • Straight Torque Rolls
  • Inverted Torque Rolls
  • Spiral Take Offs
  • Spiral Landings
  • Touch and Goes
  • Spot Landings

I am sure that once you get the hang of these tricks there are several more that you could invent.

My first flight with the Havoc Cyclone surprised me with the amount of power the little motor put out. It was a whole lot more powerful then the Nano Hawk. It was also really fast as well. You can get it buzzing around the room quickly to send the kids or animals running in fear ;-) . It takes a little more skill and effort to control it then the Nano Hawk but there is so much more that you can do with it. I will be spending the next couple of days trying to get more acquainted with it to see what it can really do.

The Havoc Cyclone is priced around the same price as the Nano Hawk. If you are new to RC airplanes or an experienced flier the Havoc Cyclone is sure to provide hours of fun.

Havoc Cyclone - Bottom View Havoc Cyclone - Front View Havoc Cyclone - Top View 2 Havoc Cyclone - Top View