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Guess Bathroom

October 6th, 2008 Comments off


The guess bathroom is complete. The decor is a soft lime green with different shades of lavender. There are a couple of things that I still would like to purchase to make it final.  I need a nice rug that goes well with the theme I am going for and hand towels. I need hand towels for every day use and special occasions.

DSCN0237I think the white trim, door and power cabinet gives it that feminine touch I was hoping for. I think it looks fresh, clean, and bright. Something needed for a small space with no windows like this guess bathroom is.

Over all I believe it looks great.  I particularly like the small accents I was able to find that give it that final touch.  DSCN0238The hardware is modern with a touch of country that is added by an old hand made cross stitched art.  The frame is hand painted with a forest green and the paper where the art sits is a dark, deep lavender. 

DSCN0240The flowers and green leafs, the green and lavender decorative soap add to the freshness of the room.



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