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The Evernote as a Blogging Tool Post Got Twittered

October 16th, 2008 Comments off

evernote It seems that my post about using Evernote as a tool for blogging has caused a little stir in the Evernote community. Yesterday I started getting emails from folks saying that using Everynote on the spot to take notes for blog posts later was a cool idea. They also mentioned that my comments section was broken which I finally fixed. Anyway, traffic is way up today for idano and the majority of traffic is coming from this Twitter -

#EvernoteTip - Blogging - Capture your ideas and inspirations into Evernote as they occur, then blog when you want:


Evernote also mentioned my post in their Evernote update email that went out last night:

Cool ways to use Evernote - Evernote for BMX riders: - Evernote for knitting: - Evernote for recipes: - Evernote for blogging:

I am really happy to see a company like Evernote keeping there fingers on the pulse about what people are saying in regard to their products.