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Udi’s Gluten Free Products Now Available at Walmart

June 5th, 2013 Comments off

Being on a gluten free diet seems to have gone mainstream now as Udi’s gluten free products are now available at Walmart. I got an email from them announcing it but they also posted the great news on Twitter as well:

Great news @Walmart fans, our #glutenfree breads are now available at select Walmart stores! Sandwiches are back! – Tweet link

Hopefully now that more places are carrying Udi’s there will be more completion between stores which will bring the prices down.

Hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone!

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Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce

January 27th, 2012 Comments off

Call me a happy man. I just stumbled upon gluten free Teriyaki sauce while visiting a new Korean supermarket. It is made by Kikkoman which is one of the most popular makers of Soy and Teriyaki sauce.

In all honesty when going to a gluten free life style, not being able to eat chicken Teriyaki was a big deal. I didn’t used to just put it in chicken but would put it on plain white rice as well. I am pretty certain that the taste will be comparable to the regular sauce since I have their Soy sauce and it tastes the same.

So if you are feeling like some stir fry Teriyaki style then I would check out your local Asian market to see if they carry it.


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Gluten Free Bisquick = Yummy Pancakes

November 8th, 2010 Comments off

My local Walmart started to carry gluten free Bisquick so I decided to give it a try this morning and make some pancakes. I have one word to sum them up -


I was actually surprised at how good they were. Granted it has been 9-12 months since I have had pancakes at minimum but from what I remember these were pretty close. The biggest difference in taste to me was that these pancakes tasted more like they were all natural and not processed type pancakes (McDonalds vs homemade). They weren’t super fluffy but weren’t flat either. I liked them!

I have to say the Bisquick gluten free pancakes blew away the gluten free frozen waffles I tried the other day. They tasted like cardboard :-( .

If I get brave I will try the waffle recipe on the back of the package.

Additional note – my wife made more pancakes substituting the milk in the recipe with bananas to make gluten and casein free pancakes for my son. He loved them and ate 2 without stopping.

I will have to stock up to make sure we have plenty on gluten free Bisquick in the house!

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