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The Writing on the Wall/Package

October 28th, 2013 Comments off

I was walking through Fry’s Electronics in Houston in the RC Toys section and I noticed this cool looking quad copter. I picked up the box excited about the capabilities for the price until I noticed the following:


Don’t see it? Look a little closer:


I have never heard of a “chemical light” before but it sounds toasty in a radioactive way. Also I noticed what looked like a sticker where it says 3-axis gyroscope. On the same box, same quad copter next to it, it says 6-axis gyroscope. It seems that they cannot make up their mind from one box to another.

Now I don’t want to knock Fry’s, the Chinese person with the broken English who designed the box, or even the person who would spend their hard earned cash on this RC toy, but man, couldn’t they have at least ran the packaging by someone who could fix these discrepancies before shipping them half way around the world?

I guess the biggest point that I want to bring up in regard to this observation is this – if this is the level of attention to detail they have for the box, what kind of quality is going to be in the box? I am not saying don’t buy it, but if you do have a realistic expectation that this type of toy isn’t going to last very long at all. Also. For around the same price you can get the Air Hogs version which will last longer and even has a warranty that Air Hogs stands behind.

Just a word of warning this holiday season, take the time to read the box as it will tell you a lot about what’s inside.