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Hot Wheels RC iNitro Speeders

February 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Growing up one of my favorite toys were “cars” which were made by Matchbox and Hot Wheels. As an adult one of my favorite toys is my iPhone. Hot Wheels has managed to bring two of my favorites together with the Hot Wheels RC iNitro Speeders.

The iNitro Speeder is a micro RC car that can. E controlled with either the included controller or with your iDevice with the included IR adapter. If you choose to use the IR adapter there is a cool app that you download that adds more functionality then just your standard left/right/backwards/forwards. With the app you have the following options (screenshot below) -

  • Dual Stick: choose from 3 styles of dual-stick controller skins. These work like typical RC controllers.
  • Motion: in this screen you can control your vehicle’s acceleration and steering by tilting and turning your Apple® device!
  • Slide: in this screen you can control your vehicle by touching the screen on your Apple® device and moving your finger!
  • Set Route: this screen lets you select from a variety of pre-set driving patterns that your vehicle will drive.
  • Draw & Drive: this screen lets you create your own driving routes two ways! You can choose to have your vehicle drive the route as you are drawing it – or draw the route first, then have your vehicle drive it afterwards.

This is a brand new product hitting the shelves so there are t too may videos of this little car in action yet. I will post videos as they become available. In the mean time here are some shots I was able to take on my own.




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