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WordPress iOS App Gets a Complete Work Over in Version 2.7

March 17th, 2011 Comments off
The iOS WordPress team just announced that the 2.7 version of their app has just hit the app store. I am actually typing and will publish this post from the app. Already the app feels very solid. I have not had any crashes or login issues that have plagued several of the previous versions. It […]
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I’m Now Officially Addicted to How Stuff Works

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

While searching through the most popular podcasts on iTunes the other day I stumbled upon the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Right off the bat I found a segment on Should You Eat a Gluten Free Diet. It was a good 1/2 segment on what celiac disease is, where it came from, and how to treat it. Other interesting podcasts are How Does the Mafia Work and how does immigration work.

If that wasn’t enough they actually have an iPhone app that not only has these podcasts but videos and articles as well. I have found a new, educational, time waster. The app is awesome and can be downloaded here – How Stuff Works iPhone App

Switching from Buxfer to PocketMoney for iPhone

September 14th, 2010 Comments off
I have been a long time user of Buxfer and have generally pleased with there online checkbook service. I never used the account sync feature that they offered (similar to Mint’s) because I like to keep my own balance verses the bank. Lately I had been noticing that both their regular and mobile sites were [...]
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Butterfly at the Gas Station

July 4th, 2010 Comments off

A little fun with the iPhone 4 at the gas station. I edited this on my iPhone as well.

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Bing’s Top 100 Songs by Year iPhone App

April 21st, 2010 Comments off

I just stumbled upon a fairly new app by Microsoft under their Bing label.

What you do is select the year that you want to listen to and the app serves up the top 100 songs according to Billboard that year. It plays them in a Pandora type shuffle to where you can only skip to the next song. You can click a button and see all the songs from that year but you cannot select a specific song to play.

The other downside to the app is that it puts up an ad for the main Bing iPhone app every 3 or so songs where you have to manually click next to continue with the music. I downloaded the app that they were advertising but the ads still come up.

They are advertising that this app is going to be $1.99 but is free right now. I would hope that they would remove the ads in you actually pay for the app. I guess we will just need to see.

Currently I am groovin’ like it’s 1993. Hip Hop Hooray! Ho. Hay. Ho.

Here’s a link to the app in the iTunes App Store – Top 100s by Year by Bing

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AT&T Comes Out with Their U-Verse iPhone App

June 25th, 2009 Comments off
I have loved AT&T U-verse from day one. I I have loved my 3 iPhones. Today the two have come together in a match made in heaven via the U-Verse TV iPhone app. The U-verse TV iPhone app allows you to control your U-Verse DVR from your iPhone from anywhere. You can see your scheduled [...] No related posts.
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iPhone 3GS – I Got MY New Baby

June 20th, 2009 Comments off
I was going to wait until my birthday in July but the wife gave the go ahead to get my new Iphone 3GS this morning – so I did. I was fortunate to get to the AT&T store near me when I did because the place had a constant stream of people and there were [...] Related posts:
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iPhone Firmware 3.0 Installed and I’m Liking It

June 17th, 2009 Comments off
It took a few hours but I finally got through to the authentication servers to update my iPhone to the 3.0 firmware. The process took about 15 minutes total and went without a hitch. The first thing that I noticed when starting up was the new Voice Memos icon on my home screen. I have been [...] Related posts:
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Fail: iPhone 3.0 Activation Servers Down :-(

June 17th, 2009 Comments off

I was super excited to see that the iPhone 3.0 software was out so I ran home to update my phone. The download happened nice and fast which was cool but when I actually tried to install the update this is what I got:


Bum deal.

I guess this is the message that a lot of people were seeing with the 2.0 update except for the fact that when it happened back then that it bricked the phone. I guess I am fortunate enough that 2.0 did not brick mine.

I want my iPhone 3.0!

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Playing With the WordPress iPhone 1.2 App

March 19th, 2009 Comments off

WordPress has released their 1.2 version of their iPhone app. Noteable items that this update includes are:

– Landscape Mode
– New/editing pages
– Comment moderation
– Image resizing
– Password protect posts

I am using it to do this post and it seems to be working pretty well.

Good job WordPress iPhone App Dev team!

Now I just need to get used to tying in Landscape mode with my thumbs.

– Post from my iPhone, please excuse any typos :-) .

My First iPhone Amazon Kindle Purchase

March 18th, 2009 Comments off

p-480-320-b0200dfe-74af-4e45-aac9-bb6924ef1b81.jpegCool! I just made my first iPhone Amazon Kindle purchase. I was in a book store and found a book that I was about to purchase when I thought “it would be realy nice to have this on my iPhone instead of luging this hunk of paper around”. So I jumped on to check it and and sure enough they had the book. The best part was that it was 50% cheaper as a ebook then a real book. I did a quick “One Click Purchase” and was told that the book would be added to my iPhone the next time that I opened the Kindle app.

After closing Safari I opened the Kindle app and it said that it was syncing and in less then 30 seconds my book appeared. I opened it and the whole thing was there. I though that it would need to download for a while but it was actually pretty quick. The whole experience was pretty cool!

This has opened up a whole new world for me as having the book “in my pocket” will give it a much better chance of getting read. Good work Amazon!

– Posted from my iPhone, please excuse any typos!

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My Lego iPhone 3G Dock

March 11th, 2009 Comments off

iphone-3g-dock14 I have had an iPhone since about 3 months after the original 2G model came out. in fact both my wife and I had the 2G model and currently have the 3G’s. We sold one of the 2G’s and gave the other one away to a family member. Although it was not intentional I happened to keep the docs that came with the 2G models.

I had some people take a Dremel and hollow out the 2G doc to accommodate the 3G and decided to try this myself even though I have an Incase rubber case on it.

That did not work.

I ended up cutting away the majority of the doc and my iPhone with its case would still not fit. From there I decided to take the innards out of the doc and raid my 5 year old’s Legos. The result is the doc that can be viewed below. Also included are the photos of the steps that I took in building if someone is as daring as I to build one.

iPhone 3G Dock with Incase Case 2G Dock disassembled 3G Lego Dock compared to 2G Dock - Side View 3G Lego Dock compared to 2G Dock - Front View 3G Lego Dock Close Up - Top 3G Lego Dock Close Up - Bottom Assembling the Dock - Step 1 Assembling the Dock - Step 2 Assembling the Dock - Step 3 Assembling the Dock - Step 4 Assembling the Dock - Step 5 Assembling the Dock - Step 6 Assembling the Dock - Step 7 Assembling the Dock - Step 8 - Finished Rear View Rear View with Sync Cable iPhone Docked in the Lego Dock

New Blogging Tool – Evernote on My iPhone

October 14th, 2008 Comments off

image I have discovered a new tool that I hope will help me to start blogging more – Evernote on my iPhone. This application is not directly related to blogging but it is a note taking program that fits in my pocket so it is with me all the time. Evernote has the ability to take text, photo, and voice notes and is a free application on the iPhone.

The issue that I have had for a while now with blogging is that I do not have as much spare time as I used to blog. When I do have some time I sit in front of my computer and thing – Um, what am I going to blog about? After a while I end up only getting a post or two out or at worst  none at all.

With Evernote anytime I feel inspired I can pull my iPhone out of my pocket, record a quick voice note. let it sync, wirelessly with Evernote’s servers and then I am done. Once my voice note is uploaded to Evernote’s servers it then gets downloaded to my computer when I open the Windows or Mac application on any one of my computers.

The night that I put  2 and 2 together and figured this out I sat down and recorded 6 blog posts in under 1/2 hour. In fact this post is one of the posts that I recorded that night. The only way that it could be any easier would be if Evernote could transcribe my voice note for me then I would not even need to type the whole thing (wishful thinking, I know).

I am really hoping that this new discovery will help in me blogging more frequently.