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Water Fun!

May 7th, 2011 Comments off

Yesterday was our first trip to the pool this year. The water was a little cold but the kids did not mind it.

Even though all three; ages 7, 5, and 4 do not know how to swim I worked something out. I am able to take all three to the pool on my own and not worry about accidents. They are well trained. My younger son who has ASD will not go in the pool without his floaties. Amazingly the floaties keep them a float.

There is one thing I always do before we leave the house. Putting sun screen lotion before leaving the house is the best thing. If I wait until we are at the pool, my little ones get inpatient.

The floaties are awesome and they have helped out during the summer months. Walgreens has them and they are very affordable. Check them out.

Star Wars Costume For Halloween

October 7th, 2008 Comments off

image I stopped by Sam’s club this morning and found this cool star wars head piece. I walked a bit more and found the body suit for the star wars clone that goes with the helmet.

I first think that went thru my mind was my 4 year old. He has been changing his mind about what costume he wants. It costs about $60 bucks to get the whole set. I spent some money all ready in a different costume he wanted and I am not sure I want to spend more.

But I will keep this in mind and be on the look out for sales. If I find the right price for this costume I may get it for him.

Genesis The Ballerina

April 16th, 2008 Comments off

images-2 I signed Genesis up to take dancing classes for Toddlers.  She looks so cute in her tutu but is not doing so well in class.  At 2 1/2 I don’t think she is quiet ready to listen to instructions and do exactly what she is told.  Specially her, being so independent like she is.

I am still committed on taking her but at this point I am not expecting much to be learned.

She does look cute with her uniform on though!

I do hope that next year she will be ready.  I think she likes to dance.  If anything, I will try other types of dance class for her see how she does then.  A mixture of music and dance may work better for her I think.  I have to see what’s out there I guess.

Baseball-T ball

March 31st, 2008 Comments off

images-2Mikey is doing so great.  I really enjoy the RRYB league.  I think that next year it will be more competitive but this time around is just plain fun.

I love to see Mikey in his uniform and have a good time.  He behaves so well when he knows that playing baseball is at stake.  images-2

Sometimes he looks like a professional ball player.  I love to see him taking the stand at home plate and the look on his face when he is waiting for that ball.

When he finds a dirty old ball, he says it’s Babe Ruth’s ball.  I think that is just so cute that he thinks he is going to find a ball on the dirt used by Babe.  He is totally so into baseball that this time around I am incorporating baseball into his bedroom theme.

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Kids in MDO dilemma

March 5th, 2008 Comments off

images I have a dilemma about my kids being in the MDO.  They are learning a lot and my husband and I are very happy but at the same time they are learning not so good things.  I hate saying this but my little girl is hitting and giving family members an attitude.

They have learned a lot, good and bad.  My dilemma is: IS THIS WORTH IT?  I like the fact they interact with other kids their age but at the same time I don’t want them learning those bad habits.

At the end when everything is said and done I guess if they go to school now or later they will be faced with those things.  I think I rather work through it now that I have more time to teach them what is acceptable then when they are mostly all day in school instead of 5 hours 2 days a week like they are now. This gives me more time with them then when they go to Kinder.

I just pray and hope that they will understand and be able to make a wise choice to act the way I expect them to act at school and at home, now and when they are older.