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Rebuilding the HobbyZone Super Cub

September 16th, 2008 Comments off

supercub My Super Cub had gotten to the point that there was so much tape and cardboard holding it together that the weight was affecting its flight. I went to the Hobby store and got all new parts – down to the landing gear – to put my baby back together. I figure it cost me 2-3 trip to the hobby store and about $60-$70 dollars to make it look new again.

Initially I was concerned about getting the speed control and servos out but these were actually pretty easy. The servos had double stick tape on the bottom of them and there was a little cubbyhole that they fit snugly in to. The motor was also very simple to remove via 4 screws and fit nicely on the new fuselage. I would have to say that the stickers were probably the hardest to put on but they were actually pretty easy as well.  All-in-all it took me about an hour to get the electronics in the new assembled airplane.

Unfortunately my initial flights did not go so great as I kept loosing power to the airplane and it would just glide blindly back to earth. After nearly missing a stop sign and a group of kids I decided to figure out what was happening. I was concerned that I had somehow pulled on a wire in the speed control to hard or something and now had a short. After a little fiddling around with it I found that the red wire in the molex connect for the battery wasn’t pushed all the way in. The battery was being disconnected if the plane banked at a certain angle. I pushed the connector in all the way and took it to the street again to see her fly.

This time around she flew great but unfortunately the wind had picked up and the sun was now officially down so I had to bring it in for the night. The next day I took my newly rebuilt Super Cub up and it flew great. I had to do a couple of adjustment with the rudder and elevators but nothing that you wouldn’t have to do on a new plane. With its new airframe my Super Cub looks band spanking new again.

As much as I enjoy flying the Super Club as soon as I was done with its first full flight I landed it and put it on the shelf in my office. I did have my eye on the new ParkZone F4U Corsair and the Super Cub was up on Craigslist (from where it came) so that I could purchase the Corsair. After a day I pulled the listing as I realized that I need more time with the Super Cub so that I don’t kill the Corsair on my first flight. Christmas is coming up so maybe I can score a Corsair then.

The rebuilding of the HobbyZone Super Cub is no where near as difficult as I would have thought it was. The electronics have held up to my abuse just fine and I am sure that I will have many hours of fun with it.