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Coat Closet

October 13th, 2008 Comments off


On my to do list, the next project for the house is to organize the coat closet. This closet I currently use for storing kids toys, shoes, school backpacks, and jackets. What I would like to do with my husband’s help of course, is build a storage unit to organize the toys and shoes.

I found cubbies at the dollar store for 0.99 cents each. I have about 12 and I plan to label them for toys. I want one to read outside shoes. The others will have labels that may read puzzles, blocks, books, doll house, small cars, and so on.

The unit will be built-in and go as high as the wall at the back of the closet and on one side when one opens the door. This should give me lots of space to finally organize the toys and be easy to find and put things away when the kids are done playing.

This project has me exited! I can’t wait to have after pictures to share my accomplishments.

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