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I Am Done with Intermediate Algebra!

April 21st, 2007 Comments off

I got to class this morning about 10am to take my chapter test and my final. I wish I could tell you that I breezed both and was out of there in record time but that is not the case. I ended up having to take each test multiple times.

With the chapter test I was up late last night studying on my own and was just getting by in doing the homework. When I got to class this morning everything that I studied last night was a vague memory. I ended up taking the chapter test 3 times with the scores around, 60%, 70%, and then finally a little above 80%. The reason why I took it 3 times is that you have to score at least 80% in order to move to the next test. The good thing was that by the third test I had a pretty good handle on how to do the different problems for that chapter.

On the final I did really well on the items that were on the previous test (I better of) but then my memory had faded on how to do several of the other problems so I missed a lot of them. The first time I took the final I got 62%. Again you have to get at least 80% in order to be done.

This time around though I was smart and went back to each of the problems that I got wrong and wrote down the problem and the correct answer. See each time you take the test it has just slight variations of the same problems so if you know how one answer is supposed to look you can figure out how a similar problem should be solved.

This time around whenever I came to one of the types of problems that I had gotten wrong before I was able to see how to come to the correct answer. It really help. I ended up finishing the last test in have the time of the previous test and got a 90% on it. That is the highest score that I got an any of the test for the whole class.

Anyway, I am really happy that I am finally done with that class. I know that it is just the beginning of the Math classes that I have to take but I feel better about taking those classes now.

Now I have a week off and I am going on vacation!

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Only 2 Tests to Go and I Am Done with Algebra!

April 21st, 2007 Comments off

I just finished up my last chapter of homework for my Algebra class. That means that I get to wake up early tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday) and take my last chapter test and my final.

Class is not scheduled to end for another week but the wife and I are leaving on vacation Wednesday night (the night of class) so I have to take my last tests tomorrow. That also meant that I needed to finish all my homework this week instead of having next week to do it.

It does feel good though to be done with it and know that I am just a day away from being completely done with this class. Remember, this is the second semester in a row that I have taken this class so it feels like I have been in it forever.

Next Monday I start my business class so it will be a completely different environment. It will be nice to sit in a class where there is actually something going on and there are other people to interact with.

I will post tomorrow after my tests with the results.

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