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6 Months After Leaving School I Can See Some of the Differences

January 28th, 2008 Comments off

So it’s now about 6 months after I left school and I can now see some of the differences between having an education and not having one. The biggest difference is money. Yep, over the course of the last 6 months I have come to realize that I am in the very bottom spectrum in regards to salary for what I do.

Now I cannot attribute the lower pay that I receive directly to the fact that I do not have a degree, even a degree from an online school. I mean this is the first position that I have received in this new career path that I am in so starting some where near the bottom is expected. It is just that the people around me make a good deal of money more then me.

So there are a couple of different ways to look at this. The first is if I had gone to college right out of high school that I would be somewhere near the rest of my peers that I work with right now making the same type of money. But that did not happen and cannot be changed. That is what I would like my kids to do and I will do everything I can to try and make sure that they are able to do that.

The next perspective is that I could go back to school now and I could be “caught up” over time. This is what I was trying to do but when you get older you have other responsibilities (like family) that can (and should) take priority over things outside of work and family.

There is also the whole cost factor that you needs to consider in regards to going back to school. I raked up almost $10K is school loans for the couple semesters that I was going. When it was all said and done it would have been about $40K that I would have need to pay back. For me I had to compare how much potential income the degree was going to get me verses the cost. When I looked at it I was not entirely sure that the cost justified the sacrifice of time with my family and cost of repaying the loans.

The final perspective is staying at my current education level and putting my efforts into doing my job really well. With this decision you look to yourself to make personal improvements in order to advance in your job. For me that was getting more familiar with what we sold and volunteering to take on more responsibility along with my standard duties.

I think this aspect needs to happen whether you are going to school or not. Even if you have a degree you still need to bust your butt to get noticed and move up the food chain in your company. I have done this where I am at right now and have begun to take on some higher level projects. For me not having the extra burden of having to go to school has allowed me to take on this little extra at work without impacting my family the way that school did.

I believe that the experience that I am gaining will over shadow the fact that I do not have a degree when I am out in the job market again someday. In fact it was my experience (8 years of experience) that got me into this job in the first place as opposed to a degree. There are several job posting that want a degree or equivalent job experience. To most companies that is interchangeable.

I guess I said all of the above to say this – your best bet is to go to school right out of high school. If you don’t do it then it only gets more difficult as you get older. You gain more responsibilities as you get older and you will pretty much always be behind those who did go to college right out of high school. For me I accept where I am at and will do the best with it that I can. Will I go back to school? There is not a very good chance of that, I have accepted where I am at and I think I will get more return on my investment of time and money by not going to school.

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Quitting School – 3 Months Later

September 10th, 2007 Comments off

So here I am 3 months after my decision to quit school. Where am I? How are things? do I regret it.

Here is the break down:

Time – my time has now focused more on my family and that strain has been eliminated – this is a good thing and I (and my family) are much happier. It has also taken the strain off at work. I now do not have to rush out at specified times in order to make class every week. Finally it has allowed me to pick up some side work that has actually been very profitable. Coupled with that my blogging revenue is steadily rising which has opened up more doors financially.

So the final question is – do I regret it? No I do not. I have to be candid though, it has only been 3 months. I think the only time that regret will possibly creep in is when I am need of a different job. I have never had this happen before and have never heard of this happing to anyone but it could be a possibility.

I think as I get older I am beginning to come to terms with who I am as a result of the past decisions that I have made. When I was younger I did not go to college – that’s just the way it is. Would a degree have made life easier? Probably but that time has passed. Right now I need to concentrate of developing the skills and talents that I have right now and making those profitable for me. Unfortunately school cannot do that.

So the moral? Go to school when you are young. If you don’t it will definitely be harder (to go to school) when you are older and there is a good chance you will not go at all.

Can you be happy with life if you do not go? I am. I am comfortable with where I am in life and understand that I am here based on my past decisions. If anything seeing this result has helped me to make better decisions for my future and the future of my kids. Are they going to college? You bet. I want them to be better then me and I think college will help them do that.

Enough said.

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Win a Year of Free Tuition or Textbooks at

September 6th, 2007 Comments off

When I was in school I bought one of the books I needed from and am apparently on “the list”. Anyway, I just received this email about their contest for 1 free year of text books or tuition. Sounds good – if you win.

The email:

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Good Luck!

No More DeVry – Next Semester University of Phoenix

May 22nd, 2007 Comments off

That’s it, earlier this week I went to University of Phoenix and filled out my application, paid my fee, and changed my FASFA to UoP for next semester. I had filled my wife in on the differences between DeVry and University of Phoenix and she agreed that UoP was the place to be.

The extra added bonus is that I have 25 units at this time which puts me as a second year student at UoP as opposed to a first year student at DeVry. This makes a difference because I will actually qualify for a little more financial aid as a second year student. If all of my figures are right I should end up with about $1000 extra money which would be refunded back to me. This money would go towards paying off the new Mac I just bought.

I probably would have been better of by going to UoP in the first place but I had not looked into them. I as kind of at a cross roads in life at the time and just needed to get into school ASAP so thing really did work out since DeVry got me started so quick.

Anyway, I do not have my classes yet but will update here once I get them.

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